• Coastal Evolution

    Coastal Evolution

    Ben Horton and colleagues working in the White Sea, Russia

  • Earthquakes


    Tina Dura and Simon Engelhart looking for earthquakes in the stratigraphy on Isla Guafo Chile

  • Sea Level and Climate

    Sea Level and Climate

    Andy Kemp and Simon Engelhart coring in a salt marsh of North Carolina

  • Storms


    Jessica Pilarczyk and Nicole Khan investigating storm deposits from Typhoon Haiyan in rice paddies of the Philippines

  • Tsunamis


    Ben Horton and colleagues from the Earth Observatory of Singapore at Nanyang Technological University examine tsunami deposits preserved in a coastal cave. Aceh Location: Province Sumatra

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Our research concerns sea-level and environmental change. We aim to understand and integrate the external and internal mechanisms that have determined sea-level changes in the past, and which will shape such changes in the future 


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